Protect the tool that protects you.

Low cost warranty for any firearm!

Gun Warranty Offers powerful protection technology

Enhances the customer and dealer experience. For customers, Gun Warranty offers a low cost and easy comprenhensive warranty to protect any firearm. For Dealers, Gun Warranty offers a simple revenue boost and high customer satisfation!

Claims as easy as 1,2,3. NO deductibles, ever!

Gun Warranty covers what the manufacturer won’t!

Gun Warranty takes the hassle out of getting your gun repaired!

Protect Your Firearm Without The Hassle of Manufacturer Warranties

You’ve made an investment in a firearm, we’ll help you make sure it lasts a lifetime.
24/7 Customer service
Hassle-free online claims
Free shipping for all repairs
No hidden fees

Are You A Dealer?

Improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Learn how to quickly add GunWarranty to your website or Point of Sale software.
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